About M.E.

Why dirty filthy things? It’s a joke. One of the first comments I ever received was from what seemed like an older woman asking me why, “someone so pretty would write such dirty, filthy, things?” I think she was referring to my crass sense of humor because she clearly doesn’t appreciate the “F” word nearly as much as I do.

Also: I swear a lot. Also, Also: No, I don’t care if it bothers you so please don’t write me about it. It’s okay if I’m totally not your cup of tea, I respect that. However, I haven’t kidnapped you and forced you to read my blog so you don’t have to be here. IF this is the future and I’ve lost my shit and kidnapped you and am forcing you to read my blog, then yes, I suppose you’re entitled to your opinion. But if you ever want to see your family again, I’d be nice about it.

How did this blog get started? A smidgen of ego and a desperate need for attention. But also, I began writing after a nervous breakdown in college because my therapist told me to and I’ve never really stopped.  I write mostly about my life, things that happen, things I like, things that I’m terrified of (mostly this because it’s a long list starting with sharks and ending with Ebola). I started to write because it was cathartic, but continued after I realized that a lot of other people relate and writing honestly about life can help other people feel less alone in the world.

My life. I grew up literally between two opposing worlds, a single teenage mom and an Iranian immigrant father. My mother dabbled in stripping, fork-lift driving, and construction, my father is a businessman who owns homes specific to leisure activities.

In 2009 I moved to Italy to study art (with no background in art) and spent five years there were I fell down all the time, got yelled at a lot, and ended up with an Italian husband and an asshole poodle who we love. In 2014 my husband and I move to the US, first to Phoenix and now in my home town, Salt Lake City. We are currently trying to maintain our sanity and somehow keep the missionaries off of my damn lawn.

Welcome to M.E.

13 thoughts on “About M.E.

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  2. The Dimwit Diary

    Like, whoa. Sorry to get all Valley Girl on you, but I, like, totally like your writing style. Brutal honesty is the way to go, if I’m being honest. Cheers to you and to drunks.

  3. Gina Burdett

    Love your style of writing! Honestly look forward to
    Reading your posts as they often make me laugh out loud!
    Thanks for your honesty and for putting yourself out there! Bravo!!

  4. julietc

    I think you are hilarious, technically I am probably an older woman but I proper love a good and appropriate swear word. Originally I’m a kiwi so pretty fluent in sweary words, but now I live in Scotland near Glasgow where they have perfected it – seriously move here as the swearing is poetic and really beautiful, they also drink a lot so apart from the crap Scottish weather life is great, I think you’d like it. Anyway I love your writing, you are brilliant


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