Stuff I Found Online That You Definitely Want To Check Out

This marketing stunt is so good I can’t get over how fucking cool it is. See what happens when a girl with telekinetic powers uses them in public (and scares the shit out of cafe patrons).

If you write short personal essays and are looking to publish this is an excellent source for magazines that take open submissions. Also, they are great mags to read in general. Get on it.

If you have a dog or have ever had one you know how fucking weird they are. Mine spends most of his time humping his toys and puppy splooging all over the floor (thanks Oliver), running through the house like a maniac, or rolling around on the bed like he’s been given acid and believes he’s covered in bugs. Anyways, I love him in spite of himself. If you have a dog (that you actually give a shit about and don’t have tied to a tree or living in solitary confinement in the yard alone…dick) then you can relate to this: My Dog The Paradox. 

Christopher Columbus was awful, and a pedophile, according to many historical texts and this article by theoatmeal . If he were alive today he wouldn’t be a hero, he would be on the SEX OFFENDER LIST. So let’s not celebrate him unless we’re also going to name a celebratory holiday after Hitler and/or John Wayne Gacy.

English: Christopher Columbus Česky: Portrét K...

English: Christopher Columbus The perv (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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