Why You Should Give A Fuck About Animal Abuse

So you’re republican, you hate tree-huggers, hippies, and you and your family are red blooded Americans that eat meat and dairy so you feel that animal rights and animal abuse is on the other side of planet YOU. Well, the truth is that regardless of your lifestyle, your diet, your political affiliation, you should give a shit about that lady up the street that starved her lab to death, or the two young kids around the corner that torture cats, or the lady across the street who couldn’t afford her dogs and had to drop them off to the animal shelter where they were euthanized. Why should you care? I’ll give you three good reasons, right now.

1) Animal abuse signifies a deep, deep psychological problem and every serial killer, pedophile, and psycho predator out there started hurting animals first. Why? Because it takes an incredibly sick person to hurt an animal for fun. People almost always treat the animals in their lives the same way that they treat people. That asshole that beats his dog probably also beats his kids and his wife. As crazy as it seems they go hand-in-hand. Saving a dog, a cat, horse, or whatever from a crazy asshole will no doubt save a human from the same asshole. Research it. It’s true.

2) It costs a lot of money to run the city animal shelter. Encouraging people to spay/neuter their pets, and adopt from the human society instead of breeding puppies/kittens for profit or accident will actually be tax money better spent. Less tax money will go to the city pound and more can go to your children’s schools. Be a good citizen, and adopt from your local shelter.

3) Intense therapy for someone convicted of animal cruelty and a registry list (similar to the one they have for child molesters) makes it a hell of a lot easier for you to safeguard your family. Would you want someone who stabbed their poodle repeatedly working at your children’s school, or watching your family pets while you’re on vacation? I sure as hell know that I wouldn’t.

Here is a bonus: A healthy society is one without these kind of people in it.

I know my vegetarian friends are freaking out right now screaming, “FOOD, BUT ANIMALS ARE TREATED POORLY WHEN WE EAT THEM!”  I’m not talking about food right now. We cannot even come close to addressing food practices if we can’t even prosecute someone for torturing their family’s German Shepard.


2 thoughts on “Why You Should Give A Fuck About Animal Abuse

  1. Cynthia Loveland

    It’s hard to explain to people why they should care about animals if they don’t by nature. Making animal abuse personally relevant is an eye-opener. We’re such selfish bastards, we humans.

  2. Laura

    Regarding animals as food and therefore objects and property is part of why people abuse them. It’s not something we should only think about way after overt abuse because it’s all part of the same picture -and not just because animals farmed for meat and dairy are, literally abused. Not when we eat them. Their whole lives. There is no functional difference.
    They’re not “food practises’ they are abused animals- but because the way we treat animals we exploit for food is what opens the gate to thinking it’s okay to abuse your German Shepherd. We need to change the whole way we think about animals – I’m not stupid enough to think the whole world will go vegan and of course many people couldn’t. But people in wealthy urban societies could stop eating so much more meat than they need to and accept the reality of the consequences of what they do- that the animal they’re eating didn’t need to die, it’s dying because they want to taste meat, and animals have emotions and suffer, that means cows, just as much as the cute fluffy dog they pet. Of course when so many people cant even be brought to acknowledge that other humans exist and have real emotions and the same rights they do I’m not holding my fucking breath that anything will change for animals.


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