Life In 3,2,1.

I am going to commit to posting here more often, I suck, I know. So many things are going on right now that I’m having a hard time juggling them BUT I am juggling them. My full-time job as a copywriter/e-commerce/social media human has been kicked up a few notches, I just finished my first book. Did you guys hear that? I fucking finished! I’m not entirely sure that anything will come of it (more likely no than yes) but that’s not the point. Cheers to M.E. My Mourning project, an international art installation, is still in the making, my design line has been relaunched, and my job as a columnist has only become more fun. Yes, when I said, “juggling,” I really fucking meant it. I have ADD. I hate being bored and I would much rather being drowning in projects than have nothing to do.

In other news my poodle is sick again. This month he’s been healthy for maybe five days. First he had bronchitis, then he had the shits, now his anal glands are bothering him because his groomer is a fat, lazy sack of shit and didn’t do his job (I’m going to smack the shit out of you, guy). He’s spent 3 out of 4 weeks in one month on antibiotics. Oliver, little man, you are more genetically fucked than the royal family. Lucky for you, we’re kind of obsessed with you and all of your problems both mental and physical.



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