New Here? Start With These Posts.


New here? I’ve compiled some of my most popular blog posts and short stories for you to give you somewhere to start. Please give me feedback or share if something sits well with you. Or if you’re drunk.

10 Reasons That I’m Surprised That Someone Married Me

A Story About My Little Brother’s Death

My Life With Animals

A Little About M.E. A Short Bio


6 thoughts on “New Here? Start With These Posts.

    1. M.E. Evans Post author

      Yes! Actually, I started this blog back in 2007 (but I only posted short stories, many which I’ve deleted since meeting my husband! ha!). Then I moved to Italy in 2009 and started the Italy one. My Italian one became popular fairly fast so I was concentrating more on that one. Now I’ve slowly come back to this. LOL.

    2. Tammy

      Hi, I’m drunk and reading your blog, it is so fucking hysterical. I met an Italian man and he did all those things you said and broke my heart.


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