Welcome to my Dirty, Filthy, and Occasionally Pretty Things

Kayo Gallery SLCI’m claiming to be a writer because I can molest my keyboard and produce words whenever I feel like it not because I believe I can write well. I’m not one of those people. Life is fucking weird and my therapist told me to start writing things down a few years ago to avoid yet another nervous breakdown. In an effort to maintain sanity I have produced things that occasionally make people laugh, and others cry (because it’s about them), and now I feel like sharing it to make my therapy seem a little more productive. Read it, and feel at least a little pity for my pathetic attempts, and sad lonely life. I’m kidding. I’m barely an alcoholic and already I’m being as melodramatic as real writers. Anyways, an end to my self indulgent rambling. Enjoy, or don’t. I don’t care (that’s a lie of course I care). Welcome to ME.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to my Dirty, Filthy, and Occasionally Pretty Things

    1. dirtyfilthythings Post author

      it’s about the same honestly, only our crackheads don’t speak english, and are dressed straight out of a GQ ad. It’s deceptive how well drug addicts, and the homeless dress in Florence, i feel like if they stopped spending all of thier money at the gucci store, that they might have an apartment. To each his own I guess. I miss you. Write me an email lover.


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